Aug 20, 2011

WPF "strikes back"

As a funny coincidence next day after my post about death, or more correctly, halt of WPF development, I've received another mail from a Microsoft mailing list. There was an article in Windows development section named Автоматизация стоматологического кресла в WPF (which is something like "Automation dentist chair using WPF" in English). I was thinking "Whoa! That was unexpeted!", but real fun was after clicking a link: a 2 month old article at CodeProject, that a clever move! While maintaning, for show, some articles about WPF, Microsoft isolates itself from it, so they can say afterwards: look, it wasn't even our guy article! Nice move, but one more proof of big instability and uncertainty around WPF.

P.S. check out CodeProject — it's a great place to learn and share code.

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