Aug 15, 2011

Documentation XML auto-comments

Actually I was quite sceptical about auto-commenters which stubs some text into your thriple-slash '///' Documentation XML comments. But after using AtomineerUtils and GhostDoc for some time I must admit: if you are serious about your code quality any of this kind of tools is a must. It saves a lot of time. I was suprised if not impressed about how much actually can tool get from variable name and produce adequate comment. You can even leave it as it is, though it will be absolutely useless, but it's absolutely much easier to fix this predefined comment then to write one from a scratch.

For a most of us C#/VB.NET users, I would recommend GhostDoc, but there are some unique features in AtomineerUtils which you can try out. If you are C/C++ coder then AtomineerUtils is the only solution you have, and you're lucky because it's also extremely good.

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