Aug 8, 2011

Complexities of C/C++ development in modern world

I have not worked with C for a very long time, until recently, then I started DiggerC project. Working with .NET all last years I've took for granted it's all the benefits this architecture gives you. Going back to pure C is like a fresh shower. I'm talking not just about manual memory management, it's least significant part. The most significant thing, that I realized almost immediately — you are almost alone with a C Standard library and a WinAPI. There is just no convenient mechanism for creating reusable libraries in C. At best you can find something like this, but no more. The other part is code manipulation. The .NET 1.0 based Visual Studio .NET (i.e. 7.0) C# projects had same, or better "IntelliSense" support than you have now in Visual Studio 2010 for C. No refactor, comment or almost any other basic coding support feature, you name it — it's not there.

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