Aug 31, 2011

BizTalk Messaging Engine error codes list

A nice guy named Tomas Restrepo created a tool to:
..lookup common HRESULT codes returned by the BizTalk Messaging Engine and pipeline components.
However, this is so programmer — to complicate things unnecessary, I've done this myself many times. Now you need to download the code, compile it, run it with argument to finally see a result. My solution is as this: search text. Or download it, change extension to ".csv" and you can view/search it in any spreadsheet editor.

The thing to remember: one error code to rule them all can have many entries. Also be aware that not all error codes are present in the table, so it's absolutely possible that will not find the one you have. However if you manage to "decipher" such error code, please, add it here in comments.