Aug 11, 2011

If BizTalk HAT is suddenly stops showing recent instances

If BizTalk Health and Activity Tracking is suddenly stops showing recent instances, and yet shows some more recent instances, then solution is usually simple. Almost always this means your SQL Server Agent is stopped working. HAT is configured by default to look at BizTalkMgmtDb and not BizTalkMsgBoxDb, but if Agent is stopped nothing copies messages from one db to the other, hence some old messages are shown, but no new appears. If this doesn't help, verify that Agent can successfully execute all BizTalk related jobs (can be permissions issues).

It's also worth mention that BizTalk heavily relies on SQL Server Agent in it's work, so it's always should be working on db servers there BizTalk bases are hosted.

P.S. Valuable discussion also here.

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