Aug 2, 2011

C/C++ code Documentation XML in Visual Studio

It's amusing how Visual Studio C++ IntelliSense team completely ignores documentation helper functions of text editor, given that C/C++ code is much harder to analyze without comments than managed code. For example you don't get anything on typing /// (three slashes) before function.

Gladly I'm not the only one annoyed with this, so a cool guy named Jason Williams wrote a tool named AtomineerUtils which does just that. Again I note it does this in C/C++ code, not just managed code (in which BTW I satisfied with built-in functionality of Visual Studio.

So here is resume, and don't consider it advertisment. You want nice and clever way to add smart XML comments to your C/C++ code in Visual Studio, then AtomineerUtils is what you want. I must add that while this tool is not free, it's price — $10 is more then reasonable for that you get with it.

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