Aug 20, 2011

Old games: Popcorn

I'm kinda like old computer games rather then new ones: they always run fast on your computer. OK, just kidding. However there are some really old games, which I was happy to play back in the end of 80-s, start of 90-s at my father's work. One of them was Popcorn:

I'm actually amazed now, how fast it made it's way then to USSR. Released in 1988, and I was playing in it in 1989 already. Popcorn is actually clone of Arcanoid game, and it's best of it kind until release of Ricochet Lost Worlds game, which I really suggest you to try out.

I'm always amazed how this incredible graphics was made back in 1988:

Now, DOSBox is totally rules. Amazing piece of software. Only it allowed my to create that blast from the past today. How I've managed to find POPCORN.EXE? Don't even ask about it, 'coz I don't know, and don't remember it now. Still I would gladly accept English version of the game, since my copy if French one (I believe it's native language of game creators). It was there for some reason on my hard drive, waiting for a miracle to come, since if you run it in plain Windows XP you get:

Which is about blocking low-level disk access to hard drive (which is good, XP is a nicely protected OS sometimes). But it works in DOSBox! Not as good as I want, but works!

You can view gameplay and get the game here. Even back then the game was freeware! Kudos to creators! I wasn't aware what freeware meant back then, I was thinking that everything is free on PC. Ah, tabula rasa.

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