Dec 18, 2012

Why OUYA can be a failure

I was actually pretty excited then I first saw and read the concept of an OUYA. An open game console, isn't that great? But recently I've discovered some thing that missed somehow from me, but I think it's rather important:

This is a serious statement. All OUYA games will be a free-to-play. And most of free-to-play games are simple money-making machines, the legitimate rest are basically using "try before you buy" (shareware) or subscription model.

Serious gamers don't like free-to-play model at all. While it's still possible sell a game in more or less "standard" model in OUYA (as I guess), I think it's rather confusing that free-to-play model is enforced by a console which considered to be a most open game console ever? Absolute nonsense!

As a side effect this type of restriction is actually encourages and attract game developers who are specialized in free-to-play games, thus making a OUYA game marked flooded with "bad" games, which will prevent some "real" games in gaining popularity.

I think OUYA should remove this absurd limitation, if they want to name their console a truly open system. Not only this will attract more developers to console, it's also good for a future reputation of OUYA. I personally will not buy OUYA until this limitation is removed from a system.

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