Nov 28, 2012

On Windows 8 and it's Modern UI

I'm actually quite a fan of a Windows OS. I've used it starting from Windows 95 and missed only Vista (I also don't count Millenium edition since it was in parallel with Windows 2000 on that time). I thought Vista was a bad version, and indeed, it was. However it was bad in a sense of it made you grumble and mumble periodically 'ah, that's how you do it now'. It was still a good old Windows OS. Eventually a tuned up version of Vista is most successful and popular Microsoft OS of all the time I guess. I was pretty satisfied with Windows starting from Windows 2000.

However situation with Windows 8 is different. For the start you can read this article, which is quite reasonable analysis of the new UI. The so-called Modern UI is terrible. So are terrible each and every new website made using this approach, including, of course, new Microsoft web site.

As a conslusion to this article I can add, that somehow Microsoft now wants you to learn a whole new concept, just because they think it looks cool? My PC is a workhorse with a tons of complex software. I appreciate that Windows 8 is faster, supports new hardware and use CPU, GPU and RAM more efficiently. I like it a lot. I just can't understand why I even need to see this ugly piece of marketing bullshit then I just need my desktop? Well I mean, I can understand their reasoning behind all this. That's a money, a lot of money they want from a new Windows Store. I'm fine with that, but why I should suffer and even pay money for that then?

No way I install this on my computer, at least until they make it possible to switch to desktop right after boot. If they want me to learn new OS, then I'll more probably start to learn Linux, which is much more beneficial in terms of useful knowledge received for time spent on learning. In Windows I'll just will learn the new UI I don't need. With Linux I'll learn a whole new class of OSes. And they all are free at least, but for my money, I want my desktop back.

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